Your little baby has grown up and needs his name.


Do you dream of a themed baptism, a fairytale setting or even a more modern baptism? We are ready to give you the most beautiful, but also if you want, more subversive ideas for the unique baptism of your child. From the baptism set to the baptism decoration, we create with the same materials and colors for a unique result.


Choose the style that suits you and your child, but of course do not hesitate to give us another perhaps more “subversive”, but at the same time your own, style and trust us.


The creativity, the passion and the professionalism that distinguishes us will reward you with wonderful images that you and your guests will remember forever.

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Azalea Creations

We are next to all your happy moments to make them more beautiful.  This year we complete 35 years of progress in the field of floristry

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